Bike sales made on Interest Free Credit or card through the Wisper website


When an order is placed over the Wisper web site Amps Electric Bikes Ltd officially makes the sale, Amps Electric Bikes Ltd will collect the funds from The Customer and pay the Wisper Dealer a commission on the sale.

The Dealer

The Dealer is the Wisper dealer that either sold the bike to The Customer or who Amps Electric Bikes Ltd have allocated the sale to.

The Customer

The Customer is the end user or the person buying the bike from Amps Electric Bikes Ltd.

All bikes sold on the public area of the Wisper website go through V12 interest free credit or by credit card.

To apply for interest free credit and to place an order on behalf of your customer over the Wisper website

The procedure is exactly the same process a customer would go through if buying directly from our site.

  1. On the Wisper web site click on the bike The Customer wants to buy, then when on the bike page, click on Build Your Bike
  2. On the Build Your Bike page, choose the bike options such as battery size, colour, wheel and frame size then click on Add to Cart.
  3. On the cart page, check the bike is correct, then click on Proceed to Check Out.
  4. On the Check Out page fill in The Customer’s details.
  5. In the Order Notes box, type in your business name and location, so we can identify where the sale has come from. If there is nothing here we will allocate the order to the nearest Wisper Dealer.
  6. Check that the bike ordered is correct.
  7. Choose over what period The Customer wants to pay for their bike, 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months.
  8. Choose the deposit amount your Customer wants to pay (minimum 25%), then click on Place Order
  9. You will open a new window on the V12 website. Follow the V12 application procedure.
  10. Once the application process is complete, you will get a decision in just a few minutes.
  11. When you are asked to electronically sign, The Customer MUST do this, you must not do it for them.

Important Note: If point 11 (above) is not followed the finance may not be forthcoming and we will invoice The Dealer directly for the sale.

What Happens Next?

After the order has been successfully placed on the Wisper website we will receive a New Customer Order from V12 Finance.

On receipt of the order we will:

    1. Forward the New Customer Order to you.
    2. Invoice The Customer directly and send you a copy, the delivery note attached to the bike will be made out to The Customer with your address in the delivery address box.
    3. Send the bike ordered to you without a delivery charge.
    4. Pay you by way of a Credit Note, 30% profit, less 6.75%* of the full retail price of the bike towards the cost of the V12 interest free credit and the delivery of the bike if the bike was purchased on interest free credit.
      *If the bike was purchased on interest bearing credit (any period of 18 months or more), we will reduce your contribution to 2%.
    5. The Credit Note we send to you will be marked with the name of The Customer. If there is no outstanding balance on your, account, you may request the commission amount is transferred to your bank account.

      The calculation for commission is as follows.

      30%* x the retail price of the bike less 6.75% of the retail price including VAT or 2% on interest bearing finance.  (*25% on “special offer” and “sale” bikes)
      The 6.75% or 2% on interest bearing finance or credit card payments, is your contribution towards the cost and admin of the finance.


      Bike sold: 705se 375Wh at £1,249.00 inc VAT£1,249.00 x 6.75% (Dealer contribution) = £84.31
      £1,249.00 / 1.2 = £1,040.83 (Retail price ex VAT)
      £1,040.83 x 30% = £312.25 (Standard margin ex VAT)£312.25 – £84.31 = £227.94 Commission ex VAT
    6. Send the bike to you clearly marked with the name of The Customer on the carton

What do you do next?

  1. Contact your Customer with a collection date and explain that they must bring a utility bill and photographic ID with them.** The ID must bear the same name and address as on the V12 New Customer Order and the copy invoice already sent to you, otherwise the bike cannot be released.
  2. Prepare and PDI the bike.
  3. Hand the bike over to the customer


The Customer must bring with them a utility bill and photographic ID which must copied and a record kept on your premises. The utility bill and photo ID must bear the same name and address as on the New Customer Order we have already sent to you.

This is your responsibility, without photographic ID and a utility bill, both showing the customer’s name and current address, we reserve the right to invoice you in full for the bike.