Our Range of Electric Mountain Bikes

Our range of E-Mountain Bikes (E-MTB) are built for endurance and performance, with a slack head tube geometry for optimised handling on trails and downhill runs. With both hard & soft tail variants, our Wolf & Wildcat Carbon electric mountain bikes are serious off-road machines that open up the countryside for experienced and novice off-roaders alike. Wisper’s industry-leading power unit helps you make short work of uphill sections, adding a critical boost so you can conserve energy and get the most out of the exhilarating downhill sections. Our unique T700 UD carbon frame has been designed ‘by mountain bikers for mountain bikers’, giving you the best possible off-road experience.

What is an eMTB?

As you encounter more challenging terrain, the E-MTB has been developed to enhance the ability of even the most experienced off-roaders. With our contemporary geometry carbon frame and industry-leading power unit, Wisper’s E-MTB range serves up a perfect mix of agility and performance, automatically delivering the added boost when you need it. Our unique E Mountain Bikes range incorporates both hard and soft-tail variants, ensuring you have the perfect set-up to conquer the toughest routes.

Who should buy an E-Mountain Bike?

E-MTBs can be ridden and enjoyed by anyone aged fourteen and over. Our customers come from all walks of life and have wildly differing motivations for purchasing an e-bike. Whether you want to power back up the course and enjoy more downhill runs, or simply pack-in more miles when exploring challenging terrain, our e-mountain bikes enhance your enjoyment by pushing you further.

The lightweight carbon frame and intelligent power unit provide greater agility and vastly increase the torque presented through the crank, putting more power to the trail.


The Wisper Wildcat C is the ultimate ride for the serious mountain
biker. The unique UD carbon frame gives an effective balance
between power transfer and comfort when it comes to tearing up
the trails as it comes with all the latest technology available.