Full Throttle Wisper Bikes

Wisper introduce Full Throttle Electric Bikes fully certified as legal in the UK*

Continuing our tradition of innovation by making full throttle options available on all our rear hub motor bikes, we take another giant step in our ambition to make cycling available to everyone. Each model in our full throttle electric bike range is incredibly useful for those who use a bike in heavy traffic, or need a little more help to discover or rediscover the joys and freedom cycling delivers.

Wisper Traditional, Tailwind and Wayfarer hub motor driven bikes are now** available with a fully legal twist grip or thumb throttle option, powering our bikes up to 15.5mph without the need to pedal.

We have made special arrangements with the DVSA to have our bikes tested and Type Approved as 250W L1e Low Powered Mopeds.

From the MVSA (Motor Vehicle Standards Agency) logbook

“250W LPM 250W Low Powered Moped.

This is a sub-group of Low Powered Moped that meets the criteria laid down in the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations 1983 (SI 1983 No. 1168) as amended by SI 2015 No. 24.

The requirements are that the vehicle:

Be fitted with pedals by means of which it is capable of being propelled.

Be fitted with no motor other than an electric motor, which has a maximum

continuous rated power, which does not exceed 250 watts and cannot propel

the vehicle when it is travelling at more than 15.5 mph. (Note: the official speed is 25 km/h, MSVA will accept declarations up to and including 16 mph as per low powered mopeds). 

These vehicles will be required to meet the standards applied to Low Powered Mopeds except where specified.” 

This means that once they have been Type Approved and certified, nearly all Wisper bikes can be ridden legally within the UK at speeds of up to 15.5mph using just the throttle.

We believe that offering full throttle eBikes will allow those who may have difficulties riding a standard pedal assist electric bike to be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that cycling brings.

Perfect for commuting, safe, cost effective and eco friendly

Full throttle bikes are easier and safer to handle in slow moving traffic than pedal cycles and the use of the throttle improves your ability to accelerate away from traffic lights, perfect for commuting. They offer a quick, eco-friendly and cost-efficient option for city commuters at a time when everyone is looking to save on rising fuel and transport costs.

If you would like to order a Wisper Full-Throttle Electric Bike, please be sure to select the ‘Full Throttle’ option on the product page when specifying your new Wisper.

* L1e bikes are only recognised in the UK. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the bike is legal before using the bike in the country being visited.

**As these bikes are currently certified to order, please expect an extended lead time of up to 6-8 weeks.