Our 2020 Collection of Wisper eBikes are now in the shops

All Traditional bikes will be in stock from Mid February

For the 2020 season we have simplified our Wisper Range of City and Trekking bikes.

In future Wisper bikes will be described as…

705 26” – Step Through
705 24” – Step Through
806 – Folding
905 – Crossbar

Improvements to our standard 806, 705 and 905 bikes

  1. 26” bikes will now have NEX suspension forks
    (Light weight forks can be substituted at no extra cost)
  2. All bikes will have an upgraded, more powerful motor
  3. Nearly 50% of the value of our bikes is now in components made in Taiwan, so generally the quality of parts will be superior to our current models

All our bikes can all be upgraded from Cadence to Torque Sensor operation


  1. Cadence Sensor upgraded to BB Torque Sensor
  2. Standard Controller upgraded to Sine Wave controller
  3. Metallised “Torque” badge is applied to the frame


  1. Quieter and smoother motor function
  2. More natural ride “feel”
  3. Immediate power, as soon as the pedals are pushed down
  4. Higher Torque
  5. More efficient power use


  1. Longer range
  2. Instant power, especially useful on hills and pulling away from stand still
  3. Better acceleration
  4. Better hill climbing
  5. Very little or no motor noise

Colours Available

705 26” Red, Blue, Black
705 24” Red, Blue

806 Red, Blue, Black

905 Black

Prices from January 2020


905 Crossbar and 705 26″ bikes 375Wh….. £1,249.00
806 Folding and 705 24″ Step-through bikes 375Wh….. £1,249.00

Battery Upgrades

375Wh to 575Wh….. £200.00
575Wh to 700Wh….. £200.00
375Wh to 700Wh….. £400.00

Extra Chargers

375Wh (2A)….. £59.00
575/700Wh (3A)….. £69.00
12V Car Charger….. £79.00

Torque Upgrade

 All bikes….. £250.00

Wisper Wayfarer Bikes…. Brand New 100Nm Mid Motor In-frame Battery

Our brand new range of Wisper Wayfarer bikes will be ready for delivery at the end March 2020

Built in Portugal to our exacting standards the Wayfarers will be available as either unisex Step-Through or Crossbar bikes.

These superb cruising bikes will feature a choice of Wisper HT 43V Mid Drive motor with up to 100Nm or the Wisper HT 43V HUB Drive motor with up to 50Nm of hill climbing power on command through torque sensor or twist and go throttle. The interchangeable in-frame battery will be available in either 450Wh or 700Wh for ultimate long distance cruising experience.

27.5″ x 2’2″ Wheel/Tyres give these incredible machines comfort and good looks.

Mid motor £2,299 with 450Wh battery.

Hub motor £1,599 with 450Wh battery.

For more information click HERE


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