Wisper Dealers

Important Information

We strongly believe that all electric bikes should be supplied and maintained by a professional ebike supplier and service centre as convenient to you as possible. They will offer test rides and expert advice as to the best bike to suit your needs.

Ebikes, like any motor vehicle, need regular servicing, the best people to look after your bike are those that supplied it, should you have any issues or questions they are at hand to look after you. For these reasons we only supply Wisper bikes through our approved dealers.

Our free “safety check” offer can only be undertaken by the supplying dealer.  This dealer is also responsible for warranty issues including the labour element.  It is therefore important that whenever possible you purchase your Wisper bike from a dealer that is accessible to you.

Our dealers are qualified to service and maintain your Wisper, ensuring you have a prefect riding experience and maintain the value of your investment.

Test Rides

Would you like to take a Wisper ebike out for a free test ride? If so, please contact your local Wisper dealer to arrange an appointment. Should there be any difficulty in securing a test ride on your preferred Wisper model, please contact us directly on 01732 762393 or email [email protected]/nz for assistance.

To find your nearest Wisper dealer please enter your location into the search box below, if you can’t find a dealer close to you, please call us on 01732 762393 or email [email protected]/nz for assistance.

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