Annual Availability

From the beginning of 2019 all our bikes are being built in Taiwan. Our major monthly deliveries will start arriving in mid May and will continue until the Autumn. Until the end of August there may be some short delays on some models and colours.

We are currently experiencing very high sales volumes and will therefore be short of stock on some models and colours until the middle of August 2018. Fortunately we anticipated that sales volumes would rise sharply back in January 2019, we substantially increased our production to meet increased demand.

From the end of August 2018 we will have good stocks of the following bikes, please order as far in advance as possible so we can ensure timely delivery.

705se 26″ Black
705se 24″ Blue
905se Black
806se Black
806se Red

All other bikes will be back in stock from the middle of June, we do not anticipate further shortages.

Very Important Changes Please Note…

Now our bikes are built in Taiwan we need to make some changes in both pricing and specifications on both SE bikes and Torque bikes from the May delivery onwards

Images will be available of the new bikes mid April and new SKU codes will be issued before the end of April

New SE Bikes

We will be dropping the SE mark so the bikes will simply be marked 905, 705 and 806

Changes as follows:

More powerful high torque motor, similar in power to the current Torque bikes
All 905 and 705 bikes will come with black suspension forks as standard

Retail Price
26″ Bikes £1,399.00
24″ and 20″ Bikes £1,349.00

New Torque Bikes

The new Torque bikes will have metal Torque badges applied to the frame

Changes as follows:

Available in Red, Blue, or Black (We are dropping the silver/grey colour)
Same more powerful motor as the new SE bikes
Sine wave controller for smother quieter running
Torque sensor in the BB

Retail Price £1,699.00