Stock Levels

We now have two warehouses and delivery methods;

1. Direct from our European headquarters in Portugal, this is where we keep the vast majority of our stock for despatch all over Europe.

Your orders will be QC’d and packed in our facility in Anadia Portugal and sent directly to your shop.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery if coming directly from Portugal.

2. From our smaller warehouse in Kent UK, we hold a small buffer stock here in Sevenoaks for bikes that need urgent delivery.

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery from our UK facility.

IMPORTANT:  When ordering the most efficient way is to use our B2B portal if this is not convenient please only order by email to [email protected]/nz

NOTE: Orders placed on the B2B portal are normally processed faster than emailed orders.

We will ALWAYS respond to your orders with an emailed acknowledgement and an Estimated Date of Despatch. Please do not assume your order has been processed until you have received our acknowledgement.

If you are unable to to take delivery at your shop and would like us to deliver a bike directly to one of your customers we are able to assist, we charge £10.00 extra for delivery and a £50.00 for PDI and prep.  We will unpack the bike, make the PDI, adjust brakes and gears and, make sure that the bike is running smoothly. We will then disinfect the bike, re pack it and send the bike directly to your customer.  Please make sure that you customer is available when the bike is delivered as we will have to charge you any redelivery costs if the bike is refused or your customer is not there to accept the carton.

Current Stock Availability – Updated 27th April 2023

Sevenoaks Kent UK

GOOD Sufficient stock for one month       LOW Under one month’s stock remaining      Out of Stock, Estimated Time of Arrival for new stock

Wisper Traditional

806 SE Folding Bike Black – Low

806 SE Folding Bike Blue – Good

806 SE Folding Bike Red – Good

806 Torque Folding Bike Black – Good

806 Torque Folding Bike Blue – Good

806 Torque Folding Bike Red – Good

705 SE 26″ Step Through Black – ETA 9/5/23

705 SE 26″ Step Through Blue – Low

705 SE 26″ Step Through Red Low

705 Torque 26″ Step Through Black – ETA 9/5/23

705 Torque 26″ Step Through Blue – Good

705 Torque 26″ Step Through Red – Good

705 SE 24″ Small Step Through Blue – Good

705 SE 24″ Small Step Through Red –  Good

705 Torque 24″ Small Step Through Blue – Good

705 Torque 24″ Small Step Through Red – Good

905 SE Crossbar Black – Good

905 Torque Crossbar Black – Low


Traditional Batteries

375Wh – Good

575Wh – ETA 9/5/23

700Wh  Good

Wisper Wayfarer

Mid Drive, Step Through, Gold Good

Mid Drive, Crossbar, Gold – ETA 9/5/23

Hub Drive, Step Through, Blue – Good

Hub Drive, Step Through, Red – Low

Hub Drive, Crossbar, Blue – Good

Hub Drive, Crossbar, Red – Low


Wayfarer Batteries

450Wh – Good

700Wh – Low

Wisper Tailwind

Tailwind City

Crossbar Stone – Good
Low Crossbar Stone – Good
Crossbar Black – Good
Low Crossbar Black – Good

Tailwind City Comfort

Crossbar Stone – Good
Low Crossbar Stone – Good
Crossbar Black – Low
Low Crossbar Black – Good

Tailwind Trail

Crossbar Black – Good 

Tailwind Batteries

375Wh – Good
540Wh –  Good