Why we at Wisper bikes highly recommend that you should buy your Wisper bike from a local Wisper Dealer

Regular Maintenance

Electric bikes, like cars and motor bikes need to be regularly serviced and maintained. They must be checked after the first hundred or so miles to make sure everything is properly tightened and safe. Thereafter your bike should be serviced at least once a year to keep it in tip top shape. It is therefore very much more convenient to buy locally rather than on line from a business that you would find it difficult to return your bike to.

Extended Warranty

Your Wisper electric bike must be properly serviced at least once a year by a professional Wisper electric bike dealer. This is a condition under which we extend the one year to a two year warranty. It is therefore necessary for your convenience that you should buy the bike from a dealer as close to your home or place of work as possible.

Wisper warranties are based on your bike being returned to the dealer who sold you the bike. Amps Electric Bikes Ltd cannot arrange collection of a bike which needs attention under warranty or for servicing free of charge, the cost for the supply of a carton, collection and return is £110.00.

Servicing Costs

The price of your first safety check is included in the price of your bike as long as the bike is returned to the dealer from which you purchased the bike.

The prices below are prices that have been indicated to us by several Wisper dealers and are should be confirmed with your chosen Wisper dealer before booking in your bike.  Wisper dealers are normally happy to provide a service on any Wisper bike, however for commercial reasons they need to charge more to customers who have not bought their Wisper bike directly from them.

Prices from Supplying Wisper Dealer

First Safety Check………. Free of Charge
Full Wisper Bike Annual Service………. ┬ú60.00

Prices from Other Wisper Dealers

First Safety Check………. ┬ú40.00
Full Wisper bike Annual Service………. ┬ú90.00

Showing a saving of £70.00 in the first year of ownership.

Loan or other exclusive benefits

Wisper dealers often offer various exclusive benefits to people who buy directly from their shop, these may included:

  1. Loan bikes whilst your bike is in for servicing or repair
  2. A collection and return service should you experience an issue with your bike (Normally within 10 miles of the shop or outlet)

Always check with your Wisper dealer what extras they can offer.

Friendly Help and Advice

Your friendly Wisper dealer is close by and happy to assist with all your cycling needs and questions. We highly recommend that you buy locally if possible, your cycling experience will be very much heightened.

Happy Wispering!

David Miall
Managing Director