Trail & Mountain eBikes

Wisper Electric Bikes are built to handle the trails. Because we all like to get off the beaten track once in a while.

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Wisper Bikes are supplied through experienced local dealers. Qualified to offer you expert advice and a free test ride on your chosen Wisper, they will be on hand to professionally service and maintain your bike, ensuring a safe, enjoyable and worry free ebiking future.

Wisper Trail & Mountain eBike Range

Each of the models in Wisper’s Trail and Mountain eBike range is built for endurance and performance. With a slack head tube geometry, the Tailwind is optimised for handling on trails and downhill runs. Read More…

The H9 & M9 Wayfarer e-mountain bikes are serious off-road machines. The phenomenal power assistance opens up the countryside for experienced and novice off-roaders alike. And its the same for the Tailwind Trail, as Wisper’s industry-leading power unit helps you make short work of uphill sections, adding a critical boost and giving you greater enjoyment from exhilarating downhill sections. The frame has a unique geometry that has been designed ‘by mountain bikers for mountain bikers’ to optimise your off-road experience.

Hub Motor or Mid-Drive Mountain E-bike?

We are often asked which of our two motor options is the best. However, the simple answer is that it’s down to personal preference.

Although very different, neither one is better than the other. The choice though is very important and will change from person to person depending on where the bike is to be ridden and their riding style.

The 100Nm Mid-Drive puts the power through the bike gears, which gives better hill climbing capability. This tends to make the Mid-Drive motor a preferred choice for mountain e-bike platforms. Wisper’s rear 50Nm Hub-Drive system drives the wheel directly, therefore, the Hub-Drive offers more efficient power delivery, which avoids causing wear to the gears and chain. As a result, the Hub- Drive system tends to be favoured by those preferring low maintenance, country rides, commuting and simply getting around town.

IMPORTANT: 50Nm measured at the rear wheel is almost exactly the same as 100Nm measured at the crank axle. Both motors have the same power (250W nominal) and in reality, very similar torque.

What is a Mountain eBike?

The Electric Mountain Bike has been developed to enhance the ability of even the most experienced off-roaders. With contemporary geometry, lightweight frames and industry-leading power unit, Wisper’s electric mountain bike (EMTB) range serves up a perfect mix of agility and performance. Each bike features our superb power unit that automatically delivers the added boost when you need it most. This allows you to power up trails in search of your next downhill section. Wisper’s unique EMTB range has been developed to give you the perfect set-up to conquer the toughest routes with maximum enjoyment!

Who should buy an Electric Mountain Bike?

E-Mountain Bikes can be enjoyed by anyone aged fourteen and over. Our customers come from all walks of life and have a variety of motivations for purchasing an electric mountain bike. Whether you want to power back up the course, enjoy more downhill runs, or simply pack-in more miles as you explore the countryside, our e-mountain bikes take you further. The lightweight carbon frame and intelligent power unit provide greater agility and the motor vastly increases the torque presented through the crank. As a result, you can put substantially more power onto the trail while reducing your own workload!

Why do Wisper only sell through Wisper dealers?

We believe that all electric bikes should be supplied and maintained by a professional ebike dealer – as local to you as possible. Wisper’s expert dealers will even offer you the opportunity to test ride your bike and will give expert advice so you can find the best bike for you. E-bikes, like any motor vehicle, need regular servicing. The best people to look after your Wisper e-bike are those who supplied the bike to you. Should you ever have any issues or questions, they are at hand to look after you. This is why we only supply Wisper bikes through approved dealers. Our expert dealers are qualified to service and maintain your Wisper E-Mountain Bike. At Wisper, we take great pride in our after-sales service, want you to have the best riding experience and maintain your investment for years to come.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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