Dealer Email June 8th 2020… Stock Levels

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The huge boom in eBike and push bike sales we are all experiencing is not subsiding and shows no sign doing so.

It seems everyone in the UK wants to buy an eBike, fantastic news of course, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for but but it does bring with it some new challenges.

The 2020 stock of Traditional Wisper bikes that should have lasted until the beginning of the autumn is fast ebbing away. Fortunately we still have thousands of new bikes coming into the UK from Taiwan, and from July Portugal, but I believe that demand will outstrip supply this year.

Any orders that have been acknowledged and confirmed will be despatched during June.

Full details of stock levels and what we have left on the next few containers is shown in our B2B area. Please visit¬†¬†¬†You will need a user name and password to enter, if you don’t have these please email¬†¬†Andrew will get back to you immediately.

Please note:   

Out of stock 24″ 705 Step Through. More in September
Very low stock 806 Folders in red and blue. More in September

Last few containers arriving from Taiwan

Mid June – Traditional Range – Almost sold out
End of June – Traditional Range – Good stocks of 705 26″ and 905 26″
Beginning of July – Traditional Range – Good stocks of 705 26″ and 905 26″
Mid July – Traditional Range – Good stocks of 705 26″ and 905 26″
Late July – Traditional Range – Good stocks of 705 26″ and 905 26″

After this all our bikes will be built in Portugal. (There may be a price increase at this time)

Containers arriving from Portugal

Late July / Early August – Wayfarers – Almost sold out
Mid August onwards – Wayfarers – Good stocks
Early September onwards – Traditional Range – Good stocks on all bikes.

Delivery lag from order to despatch

We are working seven days a week to clear the backlog and have employed three extra saff, however as fast as we prepare bikes more ordes are arriving. As a consequence¬†we are asking you to please bear with us and…

IMPORTANT:  Please help us by only ordering through the dealer portal or by email to

NOTE: Orders placed on the B2B portal are normally processed faster than emailed orders.

As of 10th of June 2020 we will respond to your orders with an emailed acknowledgement and an Estimated Date of Despatch. If you do not get an acknowledgement please let us know.

We are still offering a preparation and delivery service directly to your customers. For this service we charge £50.00 plus an extra £10.00 delivery. We will unpack the bike, make the PDI, adjust brakes and gears, pump up the tyres make sure that the bike is running smoothly. We will disinfect the bike, re pack it and send the bike directly to your customer.

Wisper Wayfarers, will be landing in the UK from late July 2020


Orders for 2021

In 2021 we will be offering three ranges:

Traditional РThe bikes currently available
Wayfarer РThe long awaited bikes Jeremy has presented to you already
Wisper Sport  РA new range of light weight, in frame battery, rear drive bikes we will present to you later in the year.

To help us plan our new year’s production in Portugal we will be opening our order books in September for delivery from March 2021. Orders will be firm and depending on quantities will attract a more favourable discount rate.¬† Once these orders are placed we will guarantee you will have the bikes as requested.¬† Jeremy will talk to you more on this when he next visits you or we meet at one of our road shows as set out below.

COVID allowing, we will be having a series of road shows in September to present our 2021 models and give you an opportunity to place your 2021 orders. In late Autumn, we will be holding a day out in Agueda Portugal to give you the opportunity test our new season’s bikes and inspect our new production facilities. Please let Jeremy know your interest and let him know numbers as places will be limited. (Max 1 person per outlet.)

A HUGE thank you or supporting Wisper into our 16th year, 2020 has been a strange one, but I am certain we have now seen the beginnings of the eBike revolution propper in the UK.All the best, David, Jeremy, Claud, Andrew, Adrian, and the Team 

For permanently updated information and image files please log into the B2B area on our website or see our Dealers Dropbox.  For log in details email or for a Dropbox invitation please email