A true thoroughbred with comfort and control in impressive proportions. The Wayfarer will take you wherever you need to go, in comfort and with ease.

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Wisper Bikes are supplied through experienced local dealers. Qualified to offer you expert advice and a free test ride on your chosen Wisper, they will be on hand to professionally service and maintain your bike, ensuring a safe, enjoyable and worry free ebiking future.


The Wayfarer e-bike range offers the perfect choice for riders who care about comfort but also want excellent control and capability, whatever the terrain. The Wayfarer City can be a comfortable commuter or day-to-day workhorse, but underneath the exterior beats the heart of a true thoroughbred. The Adventure is perfect for the hills and dales with huge grip and control on gravel, grass, and mud. The Wayfarer Mountain is a comfortable, stripped-back version of the Adventure, that is sturdy, agile and easy to ride. In addition to these set-up options, you also have a choice of motor in the hub or crank, plus two frame styles to choose from – a crossbar, and a step-through e-bike.

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