Wisper City and Trekking Bike Specification Options

Our standard e-bikes use a market leading cadence sensor that measures the speed that the pedals are being turned, providing responsive application of power. Cadence sensors switch the power on when pedals are being turned forward and off when pedaling stops.  We also offer a torque sensor upgrade, see option 1 below.

Power and Control
All our e-bikes have 5 levels of power enabling riders to very easily increase or decrease assistance from the motor using buttons next to the handlebar grip.  The powerful Wisper high efficiency 250w high torque brushless motor is smooth, quiet and works in harmony with the either cadence, or torque sensor to deliver a responsive, natural riding experience.

All Wisper bikes are fitted with a twist throttle limited to 4mph (walk assist mode) whilst the bike is not being pedaled. However, as soon as a rider starts to turn the pedals forward the throttle becomes fully active. By twisting the throttle grip a rider can achieve up to 15.5mph without the need to increase pedaling effort. The throttle is particularly useful on hills or when starting from standstill when immediate assistance may be required.

Our range consists of 4 bike styles, with 36 spec possibilities through 3 easy options…

705 26”Unisex Step Through An oversized down tube enhances the stiffness in the frame providing a stable and surprisingly nimble riding experience.
705 24”Unisex Step Through As per the 705 26″ bike for those who prefer a smaller bicycle
806Folding Perfect for tight storage spaces available in flats and especially motor homes
905Crossbar Excellent handling and beautifully crafted, the 905 is equally at home on the roads or trails.

Option 1   Colour

705 26” – Unisex Step Through. Red, Blue and Black
705 24” – Unisex Step Through. Red and Blue
806 – Folding, Red, Blue and Black
905 – Crossbar, Black

Option 2   Battery Size

375Wh – Medium Range
575Wh – Long Range
700Wh – Mega Range

Option 3    Torque Sensor Performance Pack

Cadence Sensor upgraded to BB Torque Sensor
Standard Controller upgraded to Sine Wave controller
Metallised “Torque” badge

More efficient power use
Quieter and smoother motor function
More natural riding experience
Immediate power, as soon as the pedals are pushed down

Up to 30% longer range
Instant power, especially useful on hills and pulling away from stand still
Better acceleration
Better hill climbing
Very little or no motor noise

Innovative software Torque Power Pack cleverly combines information taken from the bike’s sensors to provide a seamless and natural riding experience. The benefit of the Wisper Torque Power Pack upgrade can be best experienced when setting off – especially on an incline. The moment you put pressure onto either pedal, the bike will react by gently engaging the motor. The more pressure you put onto the pedals, the more assistance you will receive from the motor.

Once the bike is underway the power assistance will gradually reduce until it’s needed again – such as when cycling up hills, entering strong head winds or if you need to accelerate. The efficiency of the Torque system increases the Wisper’s range by up to 30% when compared to the standard cadence sensor.

All Wisper bikes are fitted with a twist throttle that is limited to a 4mph walk assist mode whilst the bike is not being pedaled. However, as soon as you start to turn the pedals forward the throttle becomes active, by twisting the throttle you can achieve up to 15.5mph without the need to increase pedal effort.

Despite it’s superb hill climbing ability, our torque drive system is virtually silent and is almost undetectable with the high torque motor sitting unobtrusively behind the rear gear cassette.