Can Technology Increase the Rate of Recovery for Stolen E-bikes?

E-Bikes in particular are increasingly being targeted by thieves. This is being encouraged by the growing demand for e-bikes and the increasing average retail prices. 77000 UK bike thefts (including non-electric bicycles) were reported to the police in 2023 (one every 7 seconds) and only 1.7% were recovered.  But “Bike Register” estimates that with the number of thefts not reported to the police, the total number of thefts is 285,000.

These figures highlight the problems – Prevention of theft and Recovery after theft.

E-Bike Theft Prevention

Many Bike locks are rated for security.  The two upper ratings are appropriate for most electric bikes. Depending on the value of the bike and to comply with the requirements of your insurance company, your lock should be rated as Sold Secure Gold or Sold Secure Diamond which is now known as Powered Cycle Gold.  To prevent the bike being picked up and put into the back of a van. The bike should be locked to a secure object.

While most bikes are stolen on the street, 24% are classified as from the Workplace or Public Authority bike rack. Additionally, 42% are stolen from home, garden or garage, with 37% of those being reported as not locked, and so, probably uninsured.

Giving Your E-Bike A Unique Identity

But before recovery can be successful, the identity of the bike must not be in doubt. All bikes have a unique frame number which can be found embossed on the frame. It should be recorded on your bike purchase invoice and if you register your bike for Warranty with the manufacturer, the frame number will be recorded by them. In any case this number will be required by the police, so you need to keep a record of it.

Recovering A Stolen E-Bike

With police success rates so low, electric bike manufacturers are increasingly looking to technology for bike recovery

Wisper electric bikes have recently introduced a new App based combined insurance and recovery process in conjunction with “Back Pedal Ltd.”  New electric bikes from Wisper can have the system installed before delivery.

A Tracker alarm and Blue Tooth tracker are installed on the bike with an App on the owner’s phone.  In the event that the bike is moved or tampered with the App alarm sounds and the owner can track the bike movement and location.  This information is shared with “Back Pedal” who send an operative to recover the bike from the recorded location. The Blue Tooth tracker can pinpoint the bike to within a few metres.

Replacing An Unrecoverable E-Bike

If “Back Pedal” are unsuccessful in recovering the bike, insurance is provided with the package that will replace the Wisper Electric bike with a new machine up to the value of £3500. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your e-bike is stolen and found to be unrecoverable for whatever reason, a replacement bicycle will be dispatched directly to you.

Full Wisper Security Package details can be found on our E-Bike Security page



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