Wisper E-Bike Range

Pioneering e-bike design and development for the last 2 decades, British Electric Bike brand Wisper are at the forefront of the UK e-bike industry. It’s why the name has become synonymous with reliability, service, and the perfect ride – whether you are commuting, touring, or hitting the trails.

Find A Dealer

Wisper Bikes are supplied through experienced local dealers. Qualified to offer you expert advice and a free test ride on your chosen Wisper, they will be on hand to professionally service and maintain your bike, ensuring a safe, enjoyable and worry free ebiking future.

Wisper E-Bike Quality

If you’re an adventure enthusiast or looking for a greener and more efficient commute, Wisper has a quality-built and UK-designed e-bike for you. A Wisper offer a diverse range of high-quality electric bikes that cater to every riding style and preference. Wisper Electric Bikes has established itself as a leading brand in the UK e-bike industry with a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Let’s take a closer look at our impressive selection of electric bikes and discover why Wisper is the go-to choice for e-bike enthusiasts.
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Powerful Electric Motor Performance

A Wisper e-bike is designed to provide an exhilarating riding experience with its powerful electric motor and extensive battery options. Our e-bike motors deliver instant acceleration, allowing riders to effortlessly conquer hills and challenging terrains. With variable levels of assistance, riders can adjust the motor’s power output according to their preference or riding conditions. Whether commuting to work or embarking on an adventurous off-road journey, the e-bike motor offers an extra boost, making the ride smooth, efficient, and enjoyable.

Exploring the Outdoors On An E-Bike

Electric bikes open up a whole new world of outdoor exploration and adventure. Whether you’re a mountain biking enthusiast or an urban explorer, a Wisper e-bike will enable you to push your boundaries and discover new horizons. With their robust construction, durable tyres, and advanced suspension systems, Wisper e-bikes can handle rugged terrains, trails, and unpaved roads. Mountain e-bikes provide the thrill of off-road cycling, empowering riders to conquer steep inclines and challenging trails effortlessly. It’s the perfect way to connect with nature, enjoy breathtaking views, and embark on unforgettable adventures.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Choosing an e-bike is not just about personal benefits; it’s also an environmentally conscious decision. By opting for an electric bike instead of a conventional vehicle, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. E-bikes consume minimal energy, making them a greener alternative for short to medium-distance journeys. Moreover, they are more cost-effective in the long run compared to cars or motorcycles, as they require less maintenance and eliminate the need for fuel. Electric bikes offer an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly mode of transportation, ensuring a win-win situation for both riders and the planet.

Quality Craftsmanship and Cutting-Edge Design

At Wisper Electric Bikes, quality and service are of utmost importance. Every e-bike in our range is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a product that performs exceptionally and looks exemplary. Each aspect of a Wisper e-bike is meticulously engineered to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience, from the overall frame geometry to the smallest component. Whether commuting to work, exploring off-road trails, or cruising around town, the Wisper brand guarantees a reliable and well-designed e-bike that provides unrivalled performance.

Wisper has an e-bike for every cycling scenario. Whether you’re a city dweller, a mountain biker, or a leisure rider, you’ll find the perfect e-bike for your lifestyle. Our product lineup includes city e-bikes, folding e-bikes, trail e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, and more. With different frame styles, battery capacities, and motor options, you can easily find an e-bike that matches your desired specifications. Each model is carefully curated to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.

Wisper E-Bike Range

The e-bike has come a long way since we started making them over 19 years ago. UK ebike sales have surged, largely due to many finding cycling a daunting exercise. Non-electric bikes require a higher level of fitness to cover moderate distances and elevations. The e-bike has made cycling an option for a variety of people who would not normally be able to enjoy such wonderful exercise. Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling for the first time, or are a lifelong cyclist who needs a little assistance, an electric bike can provide a new lease of life.

Commuter or Leisure Rider – We’ve An Electric Bike For You

Although touring the countryside with ease is most enjoyable, e-bikes are not just for leisure use. The electrical assistance can also make the daily commute a much more enjoyable experience. The number of people commuting to work using an electric bike has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is partly driven by the popularity of the Cyclescheme (Cycle To Work Scheme) created by the UK government. The Cycle To Work Scheme enables employees to save up to 32% on the cost of a new ebike from Cyclescheme retailers. Wisper is a Cyclescheme retailer, and you can purchase a Wisper electric bike using your Cyclescheme certificate on our website today. Simply add the certificate details at the checkout, and we will process your purchase and ship your new e-bike directly to you. Alternatively, we can also deliver your new Wisper e-bike to your nearest dealer so they can set it up for you.

If you don’t have a Cyclescheme certificate, don’t worry. Wisper also accepts Green Commute Initiative vouchers, plus 0% e-bike finance with our partner V12. If you would prefer to look at your Wisper model before you buy, We have over 100 retail partners throughout the UK, so we can organise a test ride and help you find your preferred Wisper ebike model in stock near you.

What Is An E-Bike?

An e-bike is an electrically powered bicycle providing assistance via an electric motor. You still have to pedal, however when the bike senses you are pedalling, the electric motor provides plenty of additional assistance pushing the bike along so you don’t need to pedal as hard as with conventional bikes. The additional assistance from the motor makes riding up hills and on rugged terrain as easy as riding downhill.

Who should buy an E-Bike?

Ebikes can be ridden and enjoyed by anyone aged fourteen or over. Electric bike riders come from all walks of life and have wildly differing reasons for purchasing an e-bike. Whether you want to ditch the car because you’re fed up with being stuck in traffic, want a greener form of transport, or want to be able to cycle longer distances, Wisper’s electric bike range has the right model for everyone.

Choosing The Right Electric Bike For You

In the Wisper e-bike range you will find a variety of frame styles, battery and motor options, enabling you to create your perfect electric bike. The range includes step-through electric bikes with a low-step frame enabling easier mounting and dismounting. We also have different set-up options for each frame style too, so you can choose from a crossbar or low-step frame, add all-terrain tyres, choose your preferred battery size, and even add pannier racks or a front basket, depending on your own personal requirements.

If you want to explore off the beaten track our range of electric mountain bikes, with a choice of step-through or crossbar frames, is perfect for you. Wisper Electric Mountain Bikes are available in an ‘Adventure’ set-up, which includes pannier racks to carry baggage as you tour the countryside. Alternatively, you may prefer a pure Electric Mountain bike set-up without the racks, enabling you hit the trails without the excess weight. The Wayfarer and Tailwind ebikes have off-road options giving you ultimate performance whatever the terrain. Either way, a Wisper electric mountain bike is a fun way to experience the great outdoors, and the power delivery systems are designed to climb the toughest of inclines with minimal effort.

Wisper also supplies a comprehensive range of commuter bikes, and each bike variant is designed to suit your preferred method of commute. If you ride to work directly from home to your place of work, the ebike range offers fixed frame step-through and crossbar bike variants. Each bike style is set up with premium road tyres, enabling you to enjoy a smooth ride to work. If part of your commute requires a train journey, then we also have the 806 electric folding bike, designed to fold down easily so that it can be stowed on the train. This particular bike frame is also really handy for people who live in apartments or who have limited storage space at home. Folding frame bikes are also incredibly popular with motorhome and barge owners for the same reason.

Why Does Wisper Only Sell Through Authorised Dealers?

We strongly believe that your e-bike should be supplied and maintained by a local, professional e-bike dealer. Our expert dealers will offer you the opportunity to test ride your chosen Wisper electric bike and can give expert advice regarding the best e-bikes to suit your needs. Electric Bikes, like any motorised vehicle, need regular servicing. The best people to look after your Wisper electric bikes are those who supply the e-bike to you. If you ever have any issues or questions, they are on-hand to help. For the reasons above we only supply Wisper Electric Bicycles through our approved dealers. Our expert Wisper electric bicycle dealers are qualified to service and maintain your Wisper E-Bike for years to come, ensuring you a perfect riding experience and maintaining the value of your investment.

Wisper Electric Bike Technology

  • Batteries: Wisper e-bikes come with the choice of three batteries that fit all City and Trekking bikes without needing any changes or adjustments to the bike, motor or battery. All battery options are provided with a two-year warranty.
  • Controllers: The controllers found on Wisper electric bikes run on our own patented software. We have developed the software to offer the most natural of bike riding experiences. When combined with the Wisper cadence and torque sensors we can produce the smoothest, most responsive e-bike on the market – regardless of cost.
  • Hub Drives: Both the Wisper rear hub drive Traditional and Wayfarer electric bike ranges are driven by the latest brushless motors made by one of the largest e-bike motor manufacturers in the world. The Wisper Torque’s ultra-high torque brushless motor is compact and very powerful. When used in conjunction with Wisper’s unique software and the Torque Power Pack the Wisper motor is virtually silent.
  • Mid Drives: The Wisper Mid Drive Wayfarer H7   and Wayfarer M9 HT motors have been developed by one of the worlds most progressive motor manufacturers.  Wisper has been involved in every step, to the point that we are allowed uniquely to brand the motor Wisper.  It’s an amazing motor, boasting 100Nm of Torque, outperforming nearly all others on the market.

For your electric bike needs and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team are waiting to help you decide which bike is best for you, helping you tailor the specification to suit your own riding requirements.

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