It is well known that eBikes can help to improve your physical health by getting you out riding and exercising. However eBikes can also help to greatly improve your mental health at the same time. In the current climate of uncertainty looking after your mental health is more important than ever.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Riding an eBike is a great way to help reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life. The physical exercise of riding an eBike means your body will release endorphins, sometimes called the ‘happy hormone’. This will lead to an improvement in your general mood and reduced feelings of anxiety.  Research has shown that just 150 minutes of exercise a week can provide a significant improvement in mental wellbeing.

Riding an eBike, be that as part of a daily commute or for leisure, also provides an opportunity for mindfulness. E-bike riding and the action of pedaling help to keep you engaged while you are riding, meaning that your mind is focused solely on the action of cycling and your surroundings. Not only does your mind get a distraction and break from disruptive thoughts, stress, depression, or anxiety, but it helps you focus on being in the present and keeps you calm.

Increased Sense of Independence

Feeling independent and self sufficient are incredibly important to maintaining good mental health.  Independence helps to boost your self esteem and increasing how you value yourself. eBikes have become an excellent way for people to maintain their independence as eBikes are more accessible to people who may be daunted by the physical exertion or unable to ride a traditional bike.

The assistance offered by an eBike also means that people are able to travel further on an eBike than they may be able to on a traditional bike meaning that they can be independent and sulf sufficient within a larger territory. It is for these reasons that an eBike is a great option for maintaining the independence and mental health of people with physical disabilities or the elderly.

Improve Productivity, Focus and Cognitive Function

As well as improving your general mood, riding an eBike can help to improve your focus, memory and other cognitive functions. The light aerobic exercise of riding an eBike leads to increased blood flow to the brain. This increased blood flow to the brain and most importantly the hippocampus (the part of the brain that deals with memory) has been show to counteract the natural decline in function due to aging in studies performed at the University of Reading.

Riding an eBike also helps to fight against feelings of fatigue and ‘brain fog’, the increased blood flow around the body will make you feel more alert and more likely to be productive in your day.

Improve Social Life

It is easy to become withdrawn and feel isolated when you are struggling with your mental health. However, socialising is one of the best things you can do to help when experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. A bike ride with a friend or your family is a great way to socialise as many people find it easier to socialise whilst performing an activity instead of just sitting for a coffee.

An eBike makes this activity more accessible to people that previously may have felt daunted by riding a traditional bike or unable to keep up with their friends and family. At Wisper we have heard many first hand accounts of people being able to rejoin family bike rides or stay part of their local cycling club because of the assistance that an eBike offers to them.

Get Outdoors and Explore

One of the most simple ways that riding an eBike can improve your mental health is that it is something you do outdoors. Countless studies have show than spending time outdoors will improve your mood, cognitive functions and reduce feelings of anxiety. Spending time outdoors in the sunlight helps your body to gather Vitamin D even in Britain!

An eBike allows you to explore the countryside in a way that you may not have otherwise been able to. Riding an eBike through nature allows you to slow down, pay attention to your surroundings and just enjoy ‘being’ without the discomfort that some may feel when riding a traditional bike.

Wisper introduce Full Throttle Electric Bikes fully certified as legal in the UK*

Continuing our tradition of innovation by making full throttle options available on all our rear hub motor bikes, we take another giant step in our ambition to make cycling available to everyone. Each model in our full throttle electric bike range is incredibly useful for those who use a bike in heavy traffic, or need a little more help to discover or rediscover the joys and freedom cycling delivers.

Wisper Traditional, Tailwind and Wayfarer hub motor driven bikes are now** available with a fully legal twist grip or thumb throttle option, powering our bikes up to 15.5mph without the need to pedal.

We have made special arrangements with the DVSA to have our bikes tested and Type Approved as 250W L1e Low Powered Mopeds.

From the MVSA (Motor Vehicle Standards Agency) logbook

“250W LPM 250W Low Powered Moped.

This is a sub-group of Low Powered Moped that meets the criteria laid down in the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations 1983 (SI 1983 No. 1168) as amended by SI 2015 No. 24.

The requirements are that the vehicle:

Be fitted with pedals by means of which it is capable of being propelled.

Be fitted with no motor other than an electric motor, which has a maximum

continuous rated power, which does not exceed 250 watts and cannot propel

the vehicle when it is travelling at more than 15.5 mph. (Note: the official speed is 25 km/h, MSVA will accept declarations up to and including 16 mph as per low powered mopeds). 

These vehicles will be required to meet the standards applied to Low Powered Mopeds except where specified.” 

This means that once they have been Type Approved and certified, nearly all Wisper bikes can be ridden legally within the UK at speeds of up to 15.5mph using just the throttle.

We believe that offering full throttle eBikes will allow those who may have difficulties riding a standard pedal assist electric bike to be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that cycling brings.

Perfect for commuting, safe, cost effective and eco friendly

Full throttle bikes are easier and safer to handle in slow moving traffic than pedal cycles and the use of the throttle improves your ability to accelerate away from traffic lights, perfect for commuting. They offer a quick, eco-friendly and cost-efficient option for city commuters at a time when everyone is looking to save on rising fuel and transport costs.

If you would like to order a Wisper Full-Throttle Electric Bike, please be sure to select the ‘Full Throttle’ option on the product page when specifying your new Wisper.

* L1e bikes are only recognised in the UK. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the bike is legal before using the bike in the country being visited.

**As these bikes are currently certified to order, please expect an extended lead time of up to 6-8 weeks.

eBikes have revolutionised cycling with thousands of people now riding eBikes across the nation. However there are a large number of myths that surround this new technology. Wisper bikes have been producing electric bikes for 17 years, so we feel we are in a good position to help bust some of the myths that exist around electric bikes.

“You won’t get fit riding an eBike”

This is the most common eBike myth and also has the most evidence proving it wrong. Studies into the behaviours of conventional and ebike riders show that ebike riders ride for longer and more often than conventional bike riders. eBikes make longer rides more appealing meaning that more people are willing to take them on. In summary, eBikes are a great form of exercise and due to their ease of use eBike riders are more likely to exercise and get fit.

“eBikes are tricky to look after”

Many people are worried that an electric bicycle will be hard to look after and maintain. However other than the motor and battery, that themselves require very little maintenance, the rest of a Wisper eBike can be looked after in exactly the same way as a conventional bicycle. Also with Wispers industry renowned customer support any technical issues with a bike can be quickly and simply resolved.

“eBikes are for old people or people who can’t ride a conventional bike”

This is an incredibly frustrating myth as it is just simply not true!  eBikes are incredibly useful for people who struggle on a conventional bike however all bike riders will benefit from an electric bike in different ways. More and more cyclists are realising that an electric bike means that they can explore further and in tougher terrain.

“When the battery runs out on an eBike you are stuck”

Even when the battery runs out on an electric bike you are never stuck. If your battery dies the bike can be pedalled and ridden like a standard bike. However, it is highly unlikely with modern ebike batteries that you will ever run out of charge. Wisper bikes are offered with a number of different battery sizes so you always have enough battery range for whatever riding you like to do. Wisper bike batteries are also all removable so they can be charged in any location dramatically reducing the risk of ever running out of battery.

“eBikes are not good for the environment”

Some people point to the heavy metals used within eBike batteries as evidence that they are not environmentally friendly. However, as part of a Wisper commisioned report into the environmental effects of our bikes it has been found that eBikes can cut the UK’s transport CO2 by 22%. eBikes due to their ease of use have a far greater potential than standard bikes to replace car journeys and also lead to longer journeys being undertaken by eBike instead of a car.

“eBikes don’t work in the rain”

Many people worry that the electric parts of an eBike may struggle to survive in the rain. However, because Wisper Bikes are designed in Britain they are fully prepared for the rain! Wisper bikes can comfortably be ridden in even the toughest of the British weather.

“eBikes are too expensive”

When discussing eBikes one of the first things that is brought up is the price. Prices of eBikes have sky rocketed in recent years due to popularity and supply issues. Some eBikes do now sell for 5 figure sums. However, Wisper eBikes are available from as little as £1499. When the price of a Wisper bike is compared to the price of petrol nowadays commuting on an Wisper eBike will in fact offer the rider over a year a substantial saving!

“Mid Motor is better than Hub Motor”

This is a myth largely perpetuated by those within the eBike industry looking to sell more expensive mid motor bikes. Although very different, neither one is better than the other. The mid motor due to the fact it puts power through the bikes gear set, offers better hill climbing capability. Whereas the hub drive offers similar if not the same levels of power with much lower maintenance costs as it does not put pressure on the bikes drivetrain. This debate is something we will cover in greater detail in the future.

Bike Shop In Sevenoaks

Do you want to purchase a new bike from the best bike shop in Sevenoaks? Why not contact Wisper Bikes? We are the very best bike shop in Sevenoaks, offering our customers the very best service. Our team have over twelve years experience in the electric bicycle industry, so you know you will purchasing your bike from the best bike shop in Sevenoaks. We are a founding member of the British Electric Bicycle Association as well as being a prominent affiliate and sit on the ebike committee of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain.

For a completely hassle free buying experience we advise anyone considering the purchase of an ebike to visit your local Wisper dealer. Whether you’re looking for a bike to commute to work, ride around town, get fit and healthy or simply to enjoy the countryside, then Wisper has an electric bike for you in our bike shop in Sevenoaks.

Here at Wisper currently have a select group of Wisper ebike dealers covering most parts of the country. Our dealers will often have exactly the bike you are looking for in stock, if not we can normally supply within 24 hours. They will build and inspect your bike making sure it is ready to ride away. We advise that after two hundred miles, you take your bike back into your Wisper dealer’s workshop where they will carry out a free safety inspection, making sure spokes, nuts and bolts are all properly tightened. Our bike shop in Sevenoaks and other shops over the UK always recommend you ride the bike first before purchasing. All our dealers have demo models available for you to try. They will also advise you on the best bike to suit your needs.

If you have any questions regarding any of the bikes we have on our website, please feel free to check out our FAQ page on our website to help you. To book a test ride and experience the comfort and power of a Wisper ebike for yourself please contact your local dealer, or contact us directly at You can locate your dealer via our website. We are the best bike shop in Sevenoaks and beyond, so we really are the best people to contact