eBike Myths – Busted!

eBikes have revolutionised cycling with thousands of people now riding eBikes across the nation. However there are a large number of myths that surround this new technology. Wisper bikes have been producing electric bikes for 17 years, so we feel we are in a good position to help bust some of the myths that exist around electric bikes.

“You won’t get fit riding an eBike”

This is the most common eBike myth and also has the most evidence proving it wrong. Studies into the behaviours of conventional and ebike riders show that ebike riders ride for longer and more often than conventional bike riders. eBikes make longer rides more appealing meaning that more people are willing to take them on. In summary, eBikes are a great form of exercise and due to their ease of use eBike riders are more likely to exercise and get fit.

“eBikes are tricky to look after”

Many people are worried that an electric bicycle will be hard to look after and maintain. However other than the motor and battery, that themselves require very little maintenance, the rest of a Wisper eBike can be looked after in exactly the same way as a conventional bicycle. Also with Wispers industry renowned customer support any technical issues with a bike can be quickly and simply resolved.

“eBikes are for old people or people who can’t ride a conventional bike”

This is an incredibly frustrating myth as it is just simply not true!  eBikes are incredibly useful for people who struggle on a conventional bike however all bike riders will benefit from an electric bike in different ways. More and more cyclists are realising that an electric bike means that they can explore further and in tougher terrain.

“When the battery runs out on an eBike you are stuck”

Even when the battery runs out on an electric bike you are never stuck. If your battery dies the bike can be pedalled and ridden like a standard bike. However, it is highly unlikely with modern ebike batteries that you will ever run out of charge. Wisper bikes are offered with a number of different battery sizes so you always have enough battery range for whatever riding you like to do. Wisper bike batteries are also all removable so they can be charged in any location dramatically reducing the risk of ever running out of battery.

“eBikes are not good for the environment”

Some people point to the heavy metals used within eBike batteries as evidence that they are not environmentally friendly. However, as part of a Wisper commisioned report into the environmental effects of our bikes it has been found that eBikes can cut the UK’s transport CO2 by 22%. eBikes due to their ease of use have a far greater potential than standard bikes to replace car journeys and also lead to longer journeys being undertaken by eBike instead of a car.

“eBikes don’t work in the rain”

Many people worry that the electric parts of an eBike may struggle to survive in the rain. However, because Wisper Bikes are designed in Britain they are fully prepared for the rain! Wisper bikes can comfortably be ridden in even the toughest of the British weather.

“eBikes are too expensive”

When discussing eBikes one of the first things that is brought up is the price. Prices of eBikes have sky rocketed in recent years due to popularity and supply issues. Some eBikes do now sell for 5 figure sums. However, Wisper eBikes are available from as little as £1499. When the price of a Wisper bike is compared to the price of petrol nowadays commuting on an Wisper eBike will in fact offer the rider over a year a substantial saving!

“Mid Motor is better than Hub Motor”

This is a myth largely perpetuated by those within the eBike industry looking to sell more expensive mid motor bikes. Although very different, neither one is better than the other. The mid motor due to the fact it puts power through the bikes gear set, offers better hill climbing capability. Whereas the hub drive offers similar if not the same levels of power with much lower maintenance costs as it does not put pressure on the bikes drivetrain. This debate is something we will cover in greater detail in the future.



375Wh and 575Wh batteries are built with DLG cells. 700Wh batteries with LG cells.

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