Your Local Wisper eBike Dealer

For a completely hassle free buying experience we advise anyone considering the purchase of an ebike to visit your local Wisper dealer. Our Dealer locater is available by scrolling down the page or by clicking here

We are proud to work with a select group of Wisper ebike dealers covering most parts of the UK.

Our dealers will often have exactly the bike you are looking for in stock, if not we can normally supply within 24 hours. They will build and inspect your bike making sure it is ready to ride away. After two hundred miles, we advise that you take your bike back into your Wisper dealer’s workshop where they will carry out a free safety inspection, making sure spokes, nuts and bolts are all properly tightened.

When purchasing an electric bicycle it’s important that you ride it first, all our dealers have demo models available for you to try. They will also advise you on the best bike to suit your needs.

Importantly, we only sell our bikes through professional bicycle dealers due to the invaluable service they offer.  Electric bicycles are motor vehicles, no one would suggest that any motor vehicle should’t be serviced regularly. Regular servicing keeps your bike in tip top condition, safe to ride and of course will maintain the value of your investment. Please ask your Wisper dealer about servicing your bike,

Wisper dealers are available to assist and answer questions at any time you need help, they are all wonderful people!