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The Ladies’ Electric Bike With a Crossbar Ride

The Wisper 705 offers the same fantastic riding experience that you would expect from a crossbar electric bicycle, whilst providing all of the flexibility of a step-through. The clever frame structure allows the bicycle to maintain optimal frame strength, meaning that the ride quality and handling are not compromised by the loss of the crossbar. As a result, the Wisper 705 has gained a reputation as the best step-through ebikes on the market today.

Available with 24 and 26-inch frame options, the 705 is the ultimate Ladies Electric Bike that can be tailored to your unique riding style and personal taste. As well as a range of fantastic colour choices, the 705 Step-Through eBike is also available with 3 battery options, plus a choice of 2 power units. The ebike also has two different tyre options, enabling the bicycle to be completely customised to your own riding requirements.