Wisper 705 24″ Step-Through E-Bike

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7 speed shimano drivetrain for smooth and reliable shifting. Shimano 7 speed thumb shifter o...

Disk Brakes

Enjoy reliable and powerful braking from the Wisper Hydraulic disc brakes. The Wisper three ...

LCD Display

Backlit LCD Display for a clear overview of all your information so you can focus on enjoyin...


Kenda 26″ x 1.95″ tyres offer a comfortable but efficient ride, absorbing small ...


The Wisper Traditional range offers a choice of three batteries 375Wh,575Wh or 700Wh meaning...

Fully Certified, UK Legal Full Throttle Version Now Available. The additional price is £200.00 for a new bike or £250.00 for a bike that has been used. (Allow up to 4 weeks for certification and delivery). Please ask us for details [email protected]. For further information about our Full Throttle Option, please click here.


Designed specifically for the shorter rider

Designed specifically for the shorter rider, the Wisper 705 24″ is our smaller framed Step-Through electric bike. Beautifully styled, the 705 features a very adaptable unisex design that provides a great all around riding experience for shorter riders without sacrificing any of the bike’s superb handling characteristics. Representing excellent value for money the 705 Step-through Electric Bike is Wisper’s go to bike and the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides.

You can customise your own Wisper 705 Step-Through ebike today by simply selecting from a range of battery, power unit and colour options.

Looking for a larger framed Step-Through electric bike? View the Wisper 705 26″

What’s the difference in power delivery? Cadence Vs Torque Power Packs

Torque Power Pack Advantages

  1. A more natural riding experience
  2. Immediate power when the pedals are pushed
  3. Quieter motor sound
  4. Up to 15% more range
  5. For full details click here

Technical Specification


Wisper High efficiency, 250W hi torque brushless motor

Lithium Battery

Medium range 375Wh MAX range 50 miles (80km)
Long range 575Wh MAX range 75 miles (120km)
Mega range 700W MAX range 90 miles (140km)



Please note the 24″ model does not have suspension forks.

*Finance subject to credit check 

Full Throttle Range

Using your Wisper bike on throttle only will reduce your range by up to 30% and the TTP will not help increase range whilst you are using the throttle only. If your bike has been upgraded so it works on the throttle only, we still suggest pedalling when you are able to do so. Use the throttle only function when you need to rest or to help you pull away when setting off.


Wisper Back lit LCD display

Bicycle weight

375Wh: 22kg
575Wh: 23kg
700Wh: 23.5kg


Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered

Frame size

Small 14.5″ 36.5cm

Sizing and Dimensions


Electric Blue or Burgundy


Lightweight alloy Wisper blade forks


Wisper comfort

Kick stand

Black anodised alloy


SHIMANO 7 speed derailleur with 7 speed selector


Hydraulic 180mm disc brake front and 160mm rear


Alloy double walled 24” x 1.5”


Kenda 24” 1.95 high puncture resistance with wall reflector


Black Full length, shatterproof


Front: 15W LED super bright
Rear: 36V light, power from bike battery

Rear Rack

Wisper’s unique rear battery rack, certified to 25kg

Max Weight Loading Including Luggage

21 Stone / 135kg


Wisper Full Throttle eBikes

Continuing our journey of pro-active leadership, innovation and progression within the e-bike industry we are proud to be able to offer fully UK legal, full throttle E;eBikes that will power our bikes up to 15.5mph without pedalling.

As well as making our bikes safer and more easily controlled at low speeds, offering faster acceleration from stand still, Wisper full throttle electric bicycles make cycling even more inclusive than ordinary eBikes, enabling those that need a little extra help when discovering, or returning to the joys and freedom cycling offers.

Please note…

Use of a throttle can reduce the range of your ebike considerably, so to achieve maximum range from your bike it’s best to use the throttle only when needed.

How It Works

Once we receive your order for a Wisper full throttle bike we arrange to have your bike tested by the DVSA and Single Vehicle Approved as an L1e in the category 250W LPM (250Watt Low Powered) Moped.  This can take between 2 and 8 weeks as the bike has to be taken to a specially approved MVSA centre for the Single Vehicle Approval tests to be carried out.  The tests are to make sure our standard eBike is safe and complies to current EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) regulations.  Once these tests have been completed we are presented with a British National Type Approval, Minister’s Approval Certificate bearing your bike’s frame number, this ensures the certificate can only be used in conjunction with your specific Wisper bike. The certificate must be kept in a safe place just like an MOT certificate although we and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will keep a record of your Bike’s Type Approval.

Unlike an MOT Certificate, the Single Vehicle Approval Certificate lasts for the lifetime of the bike and does not need to be renewed.

Full throttle eBikes will continue to work in exactly the same way a standard eBike works when the throttle is not used. The rider only uses the throttle when needed, it will not effect any other standard EAPC function.

Wisper Full Throttle Ebikes Approved By DVSA


To obtain Type Approval bikes must be fitted with front and rear lights operated together on one switch. Because the Tailwind Trail, Tailwind City and Wayfarer Mountain do not have lights these bikes cannot yet be Type Approved.  We are working on a solution and hope to offer these bikes with a full throttle by mid 2023.

The Regulations

L1e electric bikes are a sub-group of Low Powered Moped that meets the criteria laid down in the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations 1983 (SI 1983 No. 1168) as amended by SI 2015 No. 24. The requirements are that the vehicle:

  1. Be fitted with pedals by means of which it is capable of being propelled
  2. Be fitted with no motor other than an electric motor, which has a maximum continuous rated power, which does not exceed 250 watts and cannot propel the vehicle when it is travelling at more than 15.5 mph

In essence, our bikes, when Type Approved, can be ridden legally on roads and private land within the UK at speeds of up to 15.5mph using just the throttle.

Why We Offer Wisper Full Throttle eBikes

  1. Full Throttle eBikes offer a quick, eco friendly and cost efficient option for city commuters at a time when everyone is looking to save on rising fuel and transport costs.
  2. Full Throttle eBikes offer commuters better control and enhanced safety when moving slowly in traffic.
  3. Full throttle eBikes offer immediate power when accelerating especially from traffic lights or on hills.
  4. Full Throttle eBikes allow a rider to “take a breather” from time to time, particularly useful when commuting in hot weather.
  5. Full Throttle eBikes make cycling even more inclusive, enabling those of us with for example impaired movement to enjoy the benefits and freedom eBikes bring.

Costs and Warranty

Anyone can take their Wisper bike to an approved MVSA centre and apply for Single Vehicle Approval. The cost of the test and certification is £55.00 which is payable to the DVSA and needs to be paid at the time of booking the test appointment.  If you chose to have your bike Single Vehicle Approved yourself, please contact us with the TA details and we will for a fee of £45.00 upgrade your bike’s software, this has to be done physically at our Kent HQ. If you would like your warranty to be extended to cover your bike with a full throttle we will make a further charge of £45.00.  This does not extend the time line of your warranty which will remain at 24 months from the time you originally purchased your Wisper bike.

We offer the full Single Vehicle Approval certification service for a fee of £300.00 on top of the price of a new Wisper bike or £350.00 on a used Wisper bike.  We only offer this service on Wisper bikes as we know they are fully legal EAPCs.

Our charges include the test fee, upgrading the software on the bike, one of our technicians driving the bike to the test centre, waiting whilst the test is done and bringing the bike back to our HQ in Kent. Importantly it also includes, a £45.00 charge to extend our two year warranty to include full throttle riding. We charge an extra £50 on used Wisper bikes to service the bike before we take it to the test centre.

If you are intending to take your Wisper bike out of the UK, it is your responsibility to check it may be used legally at your destination. We can for a £55.00 fee re-restrict your bike for you whilst you are out of the UK and de-restrict it for you when you get home, this work has to be done physically at our HQ in Kent.

All prices include VAT.

You can view our complete range of compatible ebikes in our Full Throttle Electric Bikes category.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected] or call Wisper HQ on 01732 762393.

Additional information


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Power Delivery

Cadence Sensor, Torque Power Pack

Full Throttle Option (to 15mph)

Full Throttle, Pedal Assistance (Standard)

Trackers & Insurance

Wisper GPS Tracking, Theft Alarm & Bike Recovery Service

Unique to Wisper, in one affordable, simple-to-use package.

  • GPS Tracker Professionally Installed by Wisper
  • Smart Phone Bike Movement Alarm
  • Stolen Bike Recovery Service provided by BackPedal (85% success rate)
  • Bike Theft Insurance to cover a new Wisper replacement up to £3,500

Choose from the options below, or visit the Ebike Security & Insurance page to find out more.

2 reviews for Wisper 705 24″ Step-Through E-Bike

  1. Hayley

    I’ve had an electric bikes for twenty years and have enjoyed the technology getting better and better. This year I saved up for a new bike. Unfortunately this coincided with the pandemic and everyone selling out. I approached three companies for advice and two of the three just told me I needed to buy the most expensive bike. Wisper confirmed what I thought I needed (not the most expensive) and processed my order. With the pandemic it did mean a wait, but Wisper (Amps LTD) were lovely to speak to and accurate and honest about the timings. When someone made an error they were very apologetic and helpful. My bike arrived this week. I just needed to add the pedals, straighten the handle bars and charge the battery. I am the proud owner of a 24″ 705, electric blue bike. It looks great, takes off from junctions with the throttle so that you’re concentrating on where you are in the road rather than wobbling about trying to pull away. The battery is holding its power and recharging quickly, With the smaller frame I feel in control and the pedal assist irons out the hills so that I can continue to get fitter without getting leaving myself helpless away from home. I checked that I could do the maximum speed of 15.5 mph, no problems at all and easy 20 mph on the downhill (power does cut out at 15.5 as the law requires). Working with the gears and the power assist I can mix when I want to work hard and when I need more help. I have epilepsy and so sometimes (now) can’t rely on being able to drive. An electric bike means that (when there isn’t a pandemic) I can keep my independence and not rely on others to take me shopping, visit friends and just get out and about. As a direct comparison, my last bike was a cheap Chinese model. It was perfectly functional, but compared to the Wisper it was a heavier bike; did not have the smooth gears or the disk breaks which definitely make me feel in control. The smaller frame and shorter distance between the wheels makes the Wisper more manoeuvrable. I had my worst accident when standing still with my old bike because when holding a longer bike I couldn’t keep it upright without the momentum. This is a real reason to always wear your helmet. I took out my knee cap, broke a couple of ribs, but had no head injury because I had my helmet on! In conclusion, it was worth the wait and the extra money for a bike which is demonstrates all the improvements technology and a quality build can provide.

  2. Mrs H

    Had my Wisper 705 for two weeks, I love it! Comes in various sizes – I need a small frame and could choose smaller wheels so it fits me and is very comfortable to use. Easy to get the hang of using the boost and has a good size battery so going further will be no problem once the weather is a bit better. So far it is a great purchase. Bought at Rutland Cycles at Pitsford, very helpful and knowledgeable staff, will be using them for the servicing etc. If you have been considering a change from your pushbike to an e bike, do it, you won’t look back!

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